B&H offers CNC milling and turning. Manual lathes up to 40” swing x 17 foot centers and manual milling to 69” x 96”. Additional drilling, grinding, shearing and forming equipment add to the all-around capabilities.

B&H offers a total welding department for all metals and fabrications.

CNC MILL: One off to Production runs
CNC LATHE: 18" x 60" centres One off to Production runs
Lathes: largest capacity is 40" x 17' centers, 24" over carriage
Milling Machines: largest capacity 65" x 96" (48" spindle travel)
Drills: Radial arm drill press'
Sheet Metal Break: 60 tons by 10' dies
Sheet Metal Shear: 1/8" plate by 10 '
Sheet Metal Rolls: 10 ga. by 5'
Iron Worker: 90 ton
Saws: largest capacity 10" by 18"
Hydraulic Press: 20 ton and 100 ton
Complete Welding Equipment: Mig, Tig, Arc, Plasma cutting to 3/4" plate, torching to 6" plate
Handling Equipment: Fork trucks 6000lbs, yard crane 8000lbs